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Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) Specialists in Winter Park | Maitland

Helping Each Child Put the Pieces Together since 1993...

LifeSkills was founded in 1993 as the first and only center in the Orlando area specializing in Sensory Integration Therapy.  For over 30 years, the center has enjoyed an excellent reputation with families in the Central Florida community and has received consistent referrals from pediatricians, teachers, and other professionals.


The parents and children who join our LifeSkills family experience the vast difference between general occupational therapists and sensory processing therapy specialists.  This experience begins with a two-hour advanced evaluation that allows us to deliver a unique and individual treatment program for each child.​


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Our work is the most rewarding when a parent cries joyfully due to her child’s academic or social success.  Or because her child finally smiles confidently and proudly over a personal accomplishment or breakthrough.  We believe no success is too small to celebrate!  


Our goal is to equip each child with an individually optimized set of skills with which to achieve happiness, peace, and success in life!  Each child can “put the pieces together” and we are here to help in that process.


The Values of Our Sensory Integration Disorder Therapy Center 


We Believe . . .

  • A therapy program should begin with a deep understanding of your child to best help him or her overcome sensory processing disorder (SPD)

  • Educating parents about SPD should result in a deep and specific understanding of their child

  • Helping kids understand themselves allows them to learn how to use their bodies, control emotions, and protect themselves against sensory overwhelm

  • Day-by-day improvements will triumph over sadness, discomfort, overwhelm, and insecurity

  • It is a best practice to partner with parents as a team to understand their child and help their child improve

  • Decades of specializing in sensory processing integration makes a big difference in our approach and the quality of our therapies

  • A real and proven approach to SPD addresses the reason for undesired behavior, which then generates the results (desired behavior)

  • Kids can become independent if they understand themselves

  • You don’t need a label or diagnosis to observe a child, understand the signs, and support a child

  • Kids can have fun while simultaneously absorbing key sensory processing techniques

  • You must look at kids from a sensory perspective, not only from a list of undesired behaviors

  • There is beauty in each child

  • Your child is the best and most important book you can read, and you cannot judge a book by its cover, only its content!

  • Sensory Experience + Team Work + Empathy = Life-Changing Results

  • Each child can “put the pieces together” for himself or herself


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