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"helping each child put the pieces together" as "the first and the lead'' Occupational Therapy clinic specializing in

Sensory Integration Therapy in Central Florida since 1993...

Sensory Integration Therapy LifeSkills Occupational Therapy

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Thank you for visiting our site. We are currently working on something amazing and will be launching soon. Our new website will provide you with a better experience and more information about our SENSORY INTEGRATION THERAPY and LIFESKILLS MOVEMENT PROGRAM  services."


For any inquiries, please contact us at: 

Phone 407 629 94 55  |  Fax 407 629 9138


Sensory Integration Therapy Specialists &
Pediatric Occupational Therapy Services

in the Orlando area, Since 1993...

Your Child Can Triumph Over Sensory Processing Disorder, Achieve Success in School & Life...

and Smile with Happiness & Pride!

If you are like many parents who join our LifeSkills family, you have found your child's behavioral, academic, and social struggles to be frustrating and overwhelming. You want the best for your child. Your child wants to accomplish tasks easily and comfortably like other kids. ​

Your child is trying (in his or her own way) to tell you, teachers, doctors, and therapists about his or her struggles, but can’t.


That’s where LifeSkills excels. We will help you deeply UNDERSTAND and truly SEE your child... shifting your focus from results to reasons. This is where our proven approach—centered around your child—creates breakthroughs for your entire family.

 Are you looking for:

  • a peaceful home life—for your whole family?

  • your bright child to be happy and successful in the classroom?

  • your child to be able to sit at the dinner table or a desk for an appropriate amount of time?

  • your child to have a a friend...and easily interact with peers?


The LifeSkills team, specializing in Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), is known for:

  • life-changing breakthroughs

  • positively impacting family life

  • outstanding Sensory Integration Therapy, not just rice and beans or moving on a swing

  • effective treatment that your child loves

  • accurate interpretation of behavior problems, hyperactivity, and overload

  • evaluations that identify the core problems

  • a welcoming setting in Winter Park for parents to learn about Sensory ProcessingDisorders and powerful techniques they can use at home

Join Our Team!

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